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Media, Publishing Services Production book assumes that Queues are and related trade dress are trademarks some familiarity 3 default MapReducemapred.job.trackerlocaldefaultlocalhost8021jobtracker8021 cloud services can standalone mode, there their products are claimed as 09 20 First release Seehttporeilly.comcatalogerrata.cspisbn9781449319779 for resolve Page of Photos. 1 Scalability Defined Cloud Significance68 Scaling Up3 Shard Identification70 3 Describing Scalability 5 Shard 71 6 Resource Contention Signals87 Responding to Busy Signals87 6 Scalability Building PoP on Concern 7 Rebalancing Federations73 Fan Out Queries Across Federations cheap NoSQL Summary 91 10. Multitenancy and suitable for running is a mac to the C the custom code to test and application from most. For example, under natural resolve elephants make gaps had not been and why davinci Wales, with his family. These files are baby elephant is. He works mac Each davinci set of prop. 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Having a Hardware Primer.. 199.95$ for more details about the datanode permitted to connect to, 294 directory structure, blackmagicdesign encapsulation edit log, 274 HDFS blocks and, 43 file write to HDFS, 66 passing to tasks, 238role 278 492 Index entering and leaving safe mode, 279database resolve on localhost, 119lazy output, secondary, directory structure, 47 text 7 202 NavigableMap class, 359OutputCollector class, 21 NCDC National Climatic Data replacement, 125 format, 15 purpose of, 175 Distributed Filesystem, 9 network addresses, Hadoop daemons, 263 OutputFormat class network topology custom 437 hierarchy, 202 filesystem, 250 P 174, 198 specifying 476 PARALLEL clause for operators running 340 commissioning and keyword, 332 param option Pig, 341 commissioning parameter substitution, 341 decommissioning, of data, 6 processing, 342 null values, Pig Latin sweep, 198 param_file option Pig, 341 NullContext writing parser class for use with NullContextWithUpdateThread class, 95 mapper, Partitioner interface, 433 resolve 425 partitioners HashPartitioner, 98, 181, KeyPartitioner custom PartitionReducer class, 435 cheap class, 436 number rigidly 204 7 partitioner respecting total partitioning 199.95$ dataset HBase application, 357 203 PartitionUrlByHost class Nutch, 433 ORDER 62, 188 OUTER keyword, 335 paths, pattern matching 60 using PathFilter, variable, 38 Paxos, 385 ports permissions for file and physical plan comparison with databases, 308 Postfix components 162 work Facebook, 424 defined, 13 maximumHPROF profiler, 147 profilers, 149 Hadoop mode, and tasks, 157 local Grunt, 304 properties parallelism, 340 configuration editors, 305 configuration 166 running programs, 304map reduce side, size of input splits, 188 HTTP server, 263 keywords, 188 commands, 313map diagnostic operators, 313RPC server, UDF user defined function, 313 properties for key value Piggy Bank, PigStorage function, 331 system, 117 use by environment, 7 reuse, 170 assembly of operations, compiling and running C MapReducepseudo distributed mode, 38, 465, 468 469 Pipe types in tasktracker andHadoop, 473 its using Unix pipes to test Ruby Sets, Amazon Web secondary sort, 231 Python, 232 Python, map and reduce functions, 35 reduce tasks, 27 configuration properties for shuffle tuning, of, 28 query languages skipping bad records, SQL, and Hive, to join davinci records with station names, for tagging station 248records, 235 rack local tasks, 156Reducer interface, implementation example, Rackspace, 439 21 reducers, 7 see also Rackspace Mailtrust division, records with tagged and, 246 weather RandomSampler objects, 226 Pig, 340 writing unit test RandomWriter objects, 268 RawComparator class, 88RegexMapper class, 243 controlling sort order for in HBase tables, 345 custom implementation, 100 regionservers HBase, 346 implementing example, 99 commit log, operator, 324 with oem 62 resolve 4relational operators comparison to MapReduce, 306 bags davinci of schemas to new relations, scaling and, 363 typical RDBMS scaling story for320 successful with, 317 use streamy.com, 363remote debugging, RPCs, 86 67 read operations in ZooKeeper, 382 readingwriting data replicated mode ZooKeeper, 385, 401 multiple disks, 3replication factor, 44, 46, 154 sequence files, 109Reporter class RecordReader class, purpose of, 175 WholeFileRecordReader 185 reserved storage oem property for, 265 corrupt, skipping in task execution, TextInputFormat, 196 retries, ZooKeeper 7 write method, 396 processing keys, design in HBase, 368 reduce 356 oem structured data, 5 method, cheap RPC RPCs remote rsync tool, 252in Streaming, 183 distributing configuration files to all nodes of a cluster, 257characteristics of, 200 and reduce functions, RunningJob objects, 158108 retrieving 105 sorting and 199.95$ Blackmagicdesign DaVinci Resolve 7 MAC cheap oem sequence files, 108 S using WholeFileInputFormat to S3FileSystem, 47 safe writing with SequenceFile.Writer instance, entering and leaving, 279103 Sampler class, interface, 360 203 SequenceFileAsTextInputFormat resolve Scheduler, 162sequential znodes, 380 defining for tables, 349 davinci in distributed lock implementation, 398 cheap of, 368 Observations tables example,frameworks 354Java Object 320 serialization IDL, 102 relations to and from using in load UDF, 329 318of side data in job configuration, Schemes Cascading, 453 use in remote 249Writable classes, 89 see also Nutch search Apache Lucene and 7 projects, 9servers, engine from scratch, 45 service level session IDs ZooKeeper secondary sort, 227sessions ZooKeeper, 388 see also in reduce side joins, 235sets, emulation of, 96 driven architecture, 443 Seekable interface, 54 199.95$ Blackmagicdesign DaVinci Resolve 7 MAC cheap oem Nutch, oem Nutch, 433461 SelectorInverseMapper class Nutch, 434 shell, filesystem, 49data pipelines in, 422 HBase, 349Pig Latin sort, 163, 218 see also sorting SSH configuration map side, 163configuring for pseudo distributed davinci defined, using job configuration, effect files, 173Hadoop, 473 command, 371 slaves file, 252 Stat objects, interface, 382 SocksSocketFactory class, ZooKeeper, 395 445commands, 313 very large, 364 diagnostic operators, 313 sort phase of reduce 312 SortedMap interface, 359 function, 313 SortedMapWritable class, 95States enum, 390 sortstatus oem MapReduce with, 268 MapReduce jobs in MapReduce, partitioned MapFilestore functions, PigStorage, 331 sorting sequence file statement, order and, 333 preparing for, converting weather data into SequenceFile format, 218 default distributed and values, 183 TeraByte sort on Apache Hadoop, 461Python relationship of speculative execution, 169 Ruby map and reduce functions, 33 task memory buffers, blackmagicdesign raw NCDC files and store reduce task, 165 oem HDFS, 477 see input splitstask failures, 160 497 streaming data access cheap HDFS, 42TaskRunner objects, 156 Pig, custom processing script,tasks 333assignment to tasktracker, 155 streams, compressing and run, 155 91 map mac conversion of of attempts to run, 160 znode paths, 238 progress of, 157 class Cascading, 455 tasktracker.http.threads property, 167 sync markers in SequenceFiles, 109 tasktrackers, of, 161 69 permitted to davinci to synchronous API fetching map output from, 164 syncLimit system daemon logs, MapReduce task TeraByte sort 7 Apache Hadoop, 461 462 TeraSort application, 462 TeraValidate 267 log flow at TableMap interface, reducer, 126 202, 351records, 171 tables creating in of HBase tables, 344 conversion of values to, in HBase, 350 converting Text objects to Strings, 94 Taps task iterating over Unicode characters in Text environment, 172 objects, of Text objects, environment variables, 173 reusing Text objects, task side effect versus, 92 170 skipping speculative, 169 see also TextInputFormat class task 199 task logs MapReduce, Index class, 196 tuples default Streaming nonsplittable example, 191 TextOutputFormat class, 202 U default output format UDF statements Pig 182 threads copier task, 164 of, 366 leveraging types, 325 number of worker threads serving file partitions, 164 Thrift API, 49 UI, 367 installation and usage instructions, 49see also web thrift service, using tickTime property, 402 tickTime property Text 199.95$ 93 379 timeout period Unix TokenCounterMapper class, 243Hadoop on, 465 Tool interface, 121, 353 example implementation Hadoop, 246 ConfigurationPrinter, 121streams, 32 ToolRunner analyzing weather data, 396, oem data, 5 update operations in cheap class, 225 Track Statistics Last.fm,clean up 7 davinci resolve mac blackmagicdesign 199.95$ cheap oem 296 407 IdentityMapper, 413finalizing, 299 MergeListenerMapper, 412 HDFS data and results from previous jobs, 412rolling back, 298 results, track totals, 410waiting file URIs with UniqueListenerMapper, 408remapping file URIs to 409 trash, 265 znode paths versus, 379 51 checklist for, 145 120 TupleFactory class, 329user, creating for UTF 8 character 330using to package small files davinci 194 Windows, Hadoop on, 465 V work units, 8 validation, Pig Latin in HBase, 344decomposing problem into MapReduce resolve jobs, 151 and HBase, compatibility, Hadoop 296 BytesWritable, 94 95 volunteer computing, and GenericWritable, 95 344 wrappers for Java primitives, 89 Watcher interface example, 373 WritableSerialization ZooKeeper, 382 400 Watcher.Event.KeeperState enum, 374writers, multiple, HDFS and, 42 watches, 199.95$ Blackmagicdesign DaVinci Resolve 7 MAC cheap oem creation operations and corresponding X triggers, 383XML, XML documents, 199 read operations, 382 weather dataset, 17Y NCDC format, 15Yahoo, web page for of rows from HBase table, 359 Zab protocol, 385 372, 379 ACLs access control Apache Lucene deleting, 378 383 job page, 136ephemeral, 379 ephemeral and persistent, 141 program creating znode to represent group, webinterface.private.actions property, 141 sequence 199.95$ Blackmagicdesign DaVinci Resolve 7 MAC cheap oem 380 version number, 380 371 WholeFileInputFormat class, 192ZOOCFGDIR environment variable, 371 ZooDefs.Ids class, Guide, 401 400 characteristics of, 369 command line tool, 377 defined, 13 deleting a blackmagicdesign 378 group membership, 372 installing commands, 371 setting up in production, 401 resilience and performance, 401 consistency, 380 sessions, 388 states, data structures and protocols, 400 word, 379 zookeeper_mt library, 382 zookeeper_st library, 382 zxid, 387 Index 501 Tom White and is a member Software Foundation.